Born 1983 in Ezaro - A Coruña (Spain) into a musical family, at the age of 4 nacho finds his true love at first sight: an electronic piano, which he wouldn’t let go.

Being only 6 years old, his family moves to Switzerland, where he’s taught classical piano for about 10 years.

He enriches his stage experience through different performances as an actor in plays as well as a musician. In a Spanish Folk-Group, dancing for 7 years and later-on playing the drums for 3 years, he finds his place to be, on stage!

After writing German poetry at the age of 15 he realizes that for him the Spanish lyrics are all that matter. At first, DJ Bazooka supports him with his HipHop Beats (Nord-Ost-Records), but later on he starts producing them himself.

In 2006 he first is invited into a recording studio, where his first Demo-Tape comes into being: “ROMPER BARRERAS” (cross the limits)

2008-2009 he is busy creating and developing his own Recording-Studio through what he gets a scoop into electro Music.

Furthermore he tries out different music genres such as film music, keeps working on his classical compositions and fuses whole orchestras with modern beats.

With his widespread knowledge about music and his eagerness of getting what he wants he puts all the clichés about all music styles aside…

… Because for him that’s how music is whole, being one!